Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Rededication of self, amongst other things

Yesterday my writing professor--who is one of those amazing individuals that college professor movies are made about, and has the ability to transform a willing student into a far better person, student, and writer than he/she was before--told me that he thinks I would be a good writing professor, and encouraged me to go to graduate school for an MFA. He also encouraged me to continue writing and work to get myself published, because he thinks I can do it.

The effect that his has had on me is astounding, nearly 24 hours after this conversation I am still grinning like a stupefied moron with a shiny ball.

My fellow writing students have told me that they think I have what it takes to make it in the world as a writer, but my professors have kept their opinions separate and not, until now, shared them. This is a feather in my cap that has kept me thinking about all the stories I could write and seriously looking at how to bend the universe to my will in order to make it happen. To have the encouragement of a professor, but specifically this one, validates my long journey that is nearly complete. This quest, which has taken me 7.5 years and on a roller coaster of ups and downs, will in a month result in my possession of a Bachelor's Degree in Creative Writing. The nearer I have gotten to the end of my tenure as an undergraduate student, the more I have been wondering what I will actually do with my degree.

Last night I rededicated myself to my plan.

I am going to be a writer.

Universe, beware. In a battle of will, you will not win.