Monday, February 21, 2011

New Story

Well, I finished the rough draft of a new story.

It's called "Beyond the Sea" and it's 24 pages long, clocking in at just over 5,700 words. It is, I believe, the longest piece I have written with the exception of my novella, which is three times that length.

It felt good to be writing again, but it feels great to have completed a draft of a new story. It's encouraging, empowering, and other positive words as well. Knowing that I can still do that, that I haven't lost the knack completely, is putting the thoughts into my head to re-read my older stories and revise them, tighten them up as well. I may not write an entirely new work for a little bit, but I will improve on the works I already have. Maybe making one or more of them ready for publication, at which point I will start submitting them to magazines and competitions.

Today though, I'm giving my brain a rest. I need to relax my mind so I can start fresh on either a new story or a new draft of an old story without carrying this into it.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Deadlines, and sex

Since my last entry, I've begun writing a new short story.

I have another entry that I want to post some time soon about the constant "starting" of writing, but that will wait.

I have respected the deadline from my meeting with my writer friend, and as the 20th approaches I am finding myself under the gun--where most writers find themselves, I'm told--and the creative juices are flowing.

This story has helped me accept my strengths and craft stories focusing on them, while still finding ways to push boundaries and explore new areas of writing.

As part of the current story, I realized as I was writing that the plot requires a sex scene. I, however, have never written a sex scene. I knew what it required though. It couldn't be graphic, because then it's erotica and that's not what I want. It couldn't be too long, because that would make it the focus of the story and that's also not what I want. I didn't want a Danielle Steele scene, basically. I wanted to treat the scene with decorum and respect, not divert the reader.

I think I did it alright. I'll know when I get the feedback from it.