Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Back On The Bandwagon!

Hello brave readers!

[okay, I have no readers...yet! But I will!]

December was about finishing school and then letting the gelatinous mess that once was my brain re-solidify so that I might be useful and productive again.

January was about getting my post-college life up and running, which took a lot more mental effort than I anticipated. It also included a tad bit of travel.

Both of these months resulted in no new creations.

But that, ladies and gentlefolk, is about to change. I am hopping back on the bandwagon. Last night I think I stumbled upon the format for my first novel-length piece. It's a story that's been sitting in my brain and in pages and pages of notes for a long time, but because of its size and scope I have resisted starting it. Now I have to scrap about 3/4 of my notes, keep the pertinent stuff, and generate more completely new narratives to tell this tale. What makes this significant for me is that it is the first narrative I intend to tell in non-linear fashion. It's a fractured narrative with a superstructure, a format that I was not even aware of until college and Prof. Pousson's classes. I think this may just work, and if it does it has that aspect of a Universal Human Truth that could make it actually worth reading. I hope.

Also, a writers' group of former classmates is taking shape and will hopefully keep us all writing and honest. At least, that's the plan.

And lastly, I have a book en route to me that I am very excited about. It's called On Monsters: An Unnatural History of our Worst Fears. I am very excited to read it.

I will hopefully have more to say pertaining to my writing soon, as I hope to be...well...writing soon.